Text Box: Accounting & Professional Services

ﳰan> Capri Accounting & Professional Services P Ltd

Services include audit, risk assessment solutions, ERP implementation and various customized management solutions


Services cover Financial Management, Accounting, Cost Managementᮤ Reporting under various GAAP



Legal Compliance

Entity Formation

HR & Administration

Professional Services

Payroll processing, documentation, support to employees, entityഡx obligation compliance are covered in this service

From Sourcing and Recruitment to HR Policies and Procedures services include all aspects of HR and administration functions.

Solution is provided for Direct (Income Tax, Corporate Tax) and Indirect tax (VAT, Excise) management

Determination of the right vehicle for entry and investment into India is crucial. We provide advisory services covering this.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable management covers the entire supply chain from procurement to pay.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable management covers the processes from sales to collection.

Audit & Investigation

Internal Audit, Investigation and Forensic Audit, Mystery Audit, SOX 404, Risk assessment

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